Look Young, Feel Young 


Vanicel® is the dermal application in the Enercel® family of complex homeopathic products. The effects of Enercel® on the target area of the skin are similar to the properties of Enercel® on other organs when given by different methods of administration. Vanicel® works to improve skin health by four mechanisms:

1.      Intracellular mitochondrial energy in dermal cells is significantly enhanced when Vanicel® is applied topically. The energy enhancement in the tissues results in improved function, health, metabolism and resistance to infection and stress [most importantly dehydration, harmful rays from the sun and environmental toxins and pollutants].  Once the energy of dermal cell populations is normalized, especially immune system cells, their health is restored and they are able to carry on their normal activities. Cells that are damaged from the environment, skin infections and the aging process are healed. When skin cell populations heal in this way, the skin becomes more firm and elastic, less wrinkled, softer, more moist and with less manifestations of the aging process.

2.      Recent studies have suggested that a population of stem cells are electromagnetically-sensitive. That is, certain electromagnetic frequencies [EMF] stimulate the proliferation of a group of stem cells. Patents for the application of electric and/or electromagnetic frequencies to stem cells have been filed. Furthermore, preliminary studies have suggested that Enercel®—a potent homeopathic biological electromagnetic energy inducer—can prolong the life-span and induce proliferation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) populations. Recently, the Nobel prize-winning scientist Luc Montagnier has demonstrated that highly diluted biological samples [like Vanicel® ] induce EMF signals. Highly-diluted biological components of Vanicel® active electromagnetic signals, which significantly induce the growth of EMF-sensitive stem cells in dermal tissues.

Enercel® activates electromagnetically-sensitive stem cells in the skin, which replace and repair dead, damaged or dying cells, improving the health of the skin. Coupled with the improved health of each population of cells in the skin through energy-induction, like immune cells, effects of aging like wrinkles and dry skin are improved; skin tissues become firmer and more elastic and negative environmental effects are limited.

3.      In addition to improvement of energy inside of cells, Enercel® increases the flow of energy along Energy Meridians in the skin, well-documented in traditional Chinese Medicine.  While energy systems inside of cells help them to function well, energy between cells helps them to communicate. Cells aid each other through intracellular messengers, whether demonstrable like proteins or more subtle like energy meridians. Tissues in which cells “talk” to one another are much healthier than those in which cells carry out their functions independently, much like workers in a successful business or bees in a beehive.

4.      Vanicel®, like all Enercel® products, greatly enhances immune system function in the target organ [in this case the skin]. It is especially important in the skin since this natural barrier provides the first defense against environmental hazards that we face each day. This process helps to repair damaged cells like the other mechanisms discussed above, and in addition plays an important role in resistance to infections and abnormal cell growth. Abnormal growths are very unsightly and infections damage skin, cause acne and a host of other problems in the skin, and most importantly can penetrate the skin into the bloodstream where the problems are more severe.

Through these four mechanisms of action, VANICEL®   heals the skin; eliminates wrinkles; moisturizes; firms; protects from sun damage; and helps with infections, cuts, burns and bruises. In women, users have reported that it lifts the breasts and improves sexual function when applied to the breasts and genital areas. VANICEL®  is the only skin care product you will need! 


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