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Lung Cancer Patient

Lung Cancer Patient Alive Today Because of Enercel®

The following is a letter written by a patient who came to Enercel® with Stage four lung cancer with metastasis to the head and neck.  At that time he had closed his business and was preparing his final days.  We are very happy to say that he has reopened his business and is still going strong, and he is available to speak with anyone with questions about Enercel®

January 21, 2011

Dear Dr. Chris(t)ner,

I want to thank you for letting me live again, not just survive or wait to die.  Your techniques (Enercel® Treatment) have turned me, a head, neck, and lung cancer patient who was given a 16% five year survival rate and an average survival rate of 9-12 months, a person struggling every day just to get to the next day into a vibrant, healed, whole person with energy I have not known since long before cancer raised its ugly head.

The treatment was expensive to me because it was out of pocket.  However, relatively speaking, insurance has paid over $300,000.00 for diagnostic, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments which makes your cost trivial in comparison.  Also, the conventional treatments destroyed cancer, but they destroyed me and life as I knew it.  Your treatments give me life and hope way beyond the 5 years.  From American Cancer Society averages right now, I should be dead, and I have never felt better.

I must say, that if I would die this year, which I will not, it was worth every penny.



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