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Enercel® is a complex homeopathic medication that has been used successfully in the treatment of many infections including drug-sensitive and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis; hepatitis B and C; and diarrhea in children. Tuberculosis and HIV are the #1 and #2 causes of death from infectious diseases in the world. Together as a co-infection, they result in a much more severe and rapidly-progressive illness than either alone. Both of them cause the immune system to work much less efficiently against the other.


To evaluate whether Enercel® is efficacious for patients with tuberculosis and HIV co-infection at the Regional Antituberculosis Hospital in Chernigov, Ukraine. Specifically, to improve immune system function [by measuring T-helper or CD4 cells]; lessen or eliminate the amount of HIV virus in the bloodstream [HIV viral load]; and to verify the elimination of tuberculosis in the lungs [sputum AFB smears and cultures].


Initially 50 cc Enercel® is given intravenously twice per day for 1 month. This is followed by once daily treatment of 50 cc intravenously for 2 months. Another 7 cc is administered via a nebulizer once daily and 2 puffs are introduced into each nostril three times per day. Additionally 20 drops is given sublingually twice daily. Two control groups consist of giving Enercel® in addition to antiretrovirals [3 or more standard medications given for HIV infection] and the other group received the antiretrovirals alone. All patients receive standard tuberculosis treatment. Patients are evaluated by sputum AFB smears and culture, HIV viral load and CD4 count. Quality-of-Life [QOL] is assessed on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being severe incapacitation and 0 being perfect health. Toxicity is monitored by biochemistry panels and complete blood counts.


After 2 months, there are 7 evaluable patients on Enercel® alone for HIV. Each patient is AFB-smear negative [indicating elimination of tuberculosis in the lungs]. QOL scores improved from a mean of 47.0 at baseline to 20.14 at 2 months [with lower numbers meaning better quality of life].  CD4 counts improved from a baseline mean value of 234.43 to 269.86 cells/mm3 after 2 months [indicating an improved immune system]. Mean viral load counts decreased from a baseline of 556,439 to 58,763 copies/ml at 2 months [meaning almost a 10 fold drop in the amount of HIV particles in the bloodstream]. There was no toxicity attributed to Enercel®. Two patients in each of the two control groups have their results pending.



Acupuncture injection point therapy using Enercel® [Enerpuncture] was used in 2 patients: 1) Patient had a right-sided stroke from TB meningitis. She was treated with 2 months of Enerpuncture on her right upper and lower extremities. She is now able to move her right shoulder and arm and she can walk with a slight limp 2) Patient had HIV/TB nerve damage of his lower extremities to the point that he could not stand without support. He is now able to walk on his own with a cane.


Enercel® is a safe, low-cost, homeopathic medication that has shown preliminary efficacy in the management of HIV infection associated with tuberculosis.  Immune system function was improved, HIV in the bloodstream was markedly reduced and tuberculosis was eliminated in the lungs. These results are particularly noteworthy for the following two reasons:  1) Co-infection with TB and HIV is much more difficult to treat than either infection alone and 2) This is the first study to show that a single medication [Enercel®] is able to effectively treat both a severe viral [HIV] and bacterial [TB] infection simultaneously. The study is ongoing with newly enrolled patients into the study and 3 month results of the initial patients available in about 6 weeks.

News about TB

Enercel® Tuberculosis Study, Chernigov, Ukraine completed February 2012

Tuberculosis! A disease thought by Western Minds to have been eradicate decades ago.  According to recent internet research that is not the case.

It was found that one third of the world’s population is thought to be infected with “Mycobacterium tuberculosis” a strain of bacteria that causes TB and new infections are occurring at a rate of one per second.  Like a tsunami, it is once again spreading across the developing world and with modern day travel removing the natural barriers that prevent worldwide spreading of a disease; all continents need to watch for signs of tuberculosis.

Researchers at W.H.A.T were appalled when they became aware of this resurgence of TB.  Knowing that Enercel® had the potential to be of great use in treating TB they began planning a clinical trial.  The proper people were quickly contacted and as soon as regulators approved, W.H.A.T. delivered all the Enercel® needed for the study to the Hospital at no cost to the hospital.  It was the foresight of Valerij Dubrov, MD of the Regional Antituberculosis Hospital in Chernigov, Ukraine, that started the process.  He acted as investigator along with Valentina Suhareva, MD and Tatiana Dubrov, MD.  Fifteen patients were involved; some were fighting TB-MDR, (multiple drug resistant tuberculosis) as well as TB-S (drug sensitive tuberculosis).  W.H.A.T. team members, Drs. David Christner and Dariel Laurent prepared the protocols and monitored the 30 day study.

The results, after only 30 days, were monumental.  Six of the seven TB-S patients were considered 100% Tuberculosis free.  The seventh patient required an additional 10 days of treatment with Enercel® to be 100% TB free.  Within those 30 days three of the eight TB-MDR patients became TB free.  Two other patients joined this state after another 6 weeks of treatment with Enercel® and the remaining three TB-MDR patients had significantly improved quality of life scores (QOL) which for them translated into decreased coughing, improved appetite and the ability to gain weight, an exciting new perspective for these patients.

Admittedly, this was a very short study.  To have this much success in such a short time span was truly remarkable.  The normal outcome with standard treatment takes a minimum of 6 months of treatment for those who survive.  According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, each year, 8 million people worldwide develop active tuberculosis and nearly 2 million die.  This clinical study by W.H.A.T. is highly suggestive that Enercel® may help reduce that mortality figure in a very positive way.   The scientific community needs to further advance studies using Enercel®.

More studies are currently being planned and a study is underway presently in the Ukraine involving patients with tuberculosis and HIV concurrently.  Never before has one product been used to treat both a viral and a bacterial disease at the same time.

Other studies of Enercel®’s effect on Chronic diseases are planned for the near future including multiple breast cancer studies in Asia, Hepatitis B studies in Thailand, Neuroblastoma in children will be studied in Switzerland and a Lung Cancer study in the Ukraine.

Enercel® is scientifically and clinically proven to be 100% non-toxic and effective as a complex homeopathic formulation.  Visit their website at http://www.enercel.com to review the many studies that have been performed over the last 21 years.

W.H.A.T.’s mission is to make this valuable product available worldwide to all that desire a safe and effective solution to chronic illness and a pathway to a healthy life.

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