Non-healing wound heals

I use Enercel® very successfully in my practice. For example I had a patient with non-healing open wound on his lip for 3 years with precancerous cells and as we speak today, the wound is completely closed and indistinguishable from normal skin. I treated this patient for several months consistently and had a very good outcome.

You can see his testimony on my webpage but his testimony is outdated, it was months ago and now his lip is close to 100% resolve. You can see a picture of his lip as well.  (scroll down to non-healing wounds)

I am also starting a pilot study on diabetic peripheral neuropathy using Enercel®. The study has already been approved by an IRB.

I am very pleased with the results I get using Enercel® in my practice.

Best Regards,

Dr. Mario Dube

Clinic Director, Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture Physician at Advanced Healthcare Clinic, LLC

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