Injection Therapy with Enercel

I am a 65 years old man, 5’9”. When I went to see Dr. Dube early February, I had a non-healing wound for three years on my lower lip with pre-cancerous cells as predetermined by biopsy with my dermatologist.

I had as well other health issues such as high cholesterol, an inflamed prostate and was overweight at 212 lbs. I asked Dr. Dube if he could do something with my lip and his answer was yes. He created specific treatment protocols to my conditions.

I had acupuncture, laser therapy and injection therapy [with Enercel] for my lip. For my cholesterol and prostate, I had acupuncture and herbs. For my weight, he gave me a detox program for 10 days, changed my diet and gave me nutritional advice. I followed conscientiously his recommendations. 3 ½ months later, after seeing him on a weekly basis, 2 to 3 times per week, my lip is 90% improved, my cholesterol is significantly lower according to the blood tests, my prostate seems to be improved as well since instead of going to the bathroom 3 times per night I now go only once, not to mention that my sexual life has improved tremendously.

I have also lost 19 pounds and my energy level is much higher than before. Dr. Dube also helped me with acupuncture, electric stimulation and injection therapy [with Enercel] for a sprain ankle due to a sport event. Those therapies helped me to recover much faster and go back to my activities. Thank you to acupuncture [with Enercel] and integrative medicine, I now believe firmly that there is an alternative way to get your health back under control. Thanks a million to Dr. Dube, which have helped me have a better quality of life.

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J.T., Lakewood Ranch, Florida

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