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Welcome.  As you are searching for an alternative approach concerning an illness, this website is arranged to answer many questions concerning Enercel®, a safe, 100% non-toxic, complex homoeopathic.  After you have finished browsing through the site, if your particular questions have not been answered, please contact us and our staff will confidentially be of assistance.

Enercel® is sanctioned by the HPUS (Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States). However, the FDA regulations have supplementary rulings regarding a homoeopathic product, even with this sanctioning. Thus, when you decide to use Enercel®, we require a PUEF (personal use exemption form) to be completed, signed and faxed or emailed back to us. 


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During a complimentary personal telephone consultation, our medical staff will request you send a copy of your medical reports for further review.  Upon completing their review they would determine which Enercel® product may be of most benefit to you, as well as a personal protocol, which we would provide to you and/or your personal physician to consider.  Also, if you so choose, we would refer you to one of the Enercel® physicians who utilize Enercel® in their practice with chronic cases.  In some acute cases, one may be able to self-administer Enercel® using the oral, nasal or injectable product.  (please see the STUDIES section).

Our mission is to provide an avenue for each individual to travel as one accepts the empowerment consequence of taking full responsibility for one’s own health.

Please Fill out the following form and we will have one of our professionals contact you.

Following is our information office contacts for you to call during our office hours: M-Th 9am to 4pm F 9am to 3pm

Tel: 941-927-3444     

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