Help With Hepatitis C

 To All At Enercel,

 I want to let you know how I’ve been getting along.

 As you know, I’ve been fighting a few ailments.  Hep. C, Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer, which was also starting on my right lung.

 I went from 185 lbs. down to 135 lbs.  My Hep. C viral load was over 13,000,000.

 Some of the things I did to keep me alive, or I should say, to just keep my head above water were many intestinal cleanses, coffee enemas, (which were amazing), chelation, blood treatments like peroxide and ultra-violet light therapy.

 I knew in my heart my faith was very strong, that something was going to come along, as all things happen for me. 

 I met a lady in a Vitamin Store, her name was Renee.  She had just had one of several operations for cancer and to address post-radiation damage to her intestines at the time.  She was very weak, so I helped by watching over her for a week, before her family picked her up to take her to Sarasota as she recouped from this ordeal.

 During her long-term recuperation, she met with the C.E.O. of World Health, who after speaking with her decided to hire her for the Information Office.  During this time, she called me to say she was improving and that the cancer pallor was going away through the use of the product ENERCEL.

 Her integrity was so high, I didn’t hesitate to order some for myself, as I was desperate.

 I received the Plus I.M., Max, Mist and Forte.  My body is very sensitive to everything, and upon my first injection, I felt a wave of wellness all over my body.  It was fantastic!  The Mist gave me a similar sensation, while the Forte gave me back an appetite and energy.  The Max is a great way to start the day.  It seemed to get my circulation going.

 A Bio-Chemist/Geneticist re-checked my blood after about a year or of so using ENERCEL and my Hep. C viral load was under 500,000 from the previous time at 13,000,000.   She also stated my cirrhosis was gone and the cancer was cleared. 

 I’ve talked with a lot of people about ENERCEL.  Most of them ask if the treatment is covered by insurance and I say it isn’t. 

 I am 57  years old and have put my attention to beginning my dream of being a singer/entertainer.

 Thank you all at ENERCEL, and especially David Christner, for offering something that can turn bad health around!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  YOU SAVED MY LIFE!

 I am more than happy to share my experience with anyone.  They may call: (786) 294-5479.

 Ron Ross

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