Help with Arthritis

My name is Melvin Weinkle, I will be 92 years old on April 13th, 2013.  Twenty years ago a miracle occurred for me when I moved to Bradenton, Florida  after hurricane Andrew destroyed south Florida. 

When my wife and I came to Bradenton, I set out to find 5 doctors similar to the ones I had been going to in Miami.  I had the good fortune to find those doctors, but the real miracle occurred for me when a friend told me that he had been helped tremendously by Enercel®, and that he no longer needed to go to his doctors. 

At the time I had several health problems.  One of my problems required me to receive a weekly shot of steroids which enable me to breath.  My other problems included severe rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, in the joints of my fingers and in my back.  Life was not as pleasant as I had anticipated that it would be.

I began to use Enercel® AM and PM in 2002.  Within a few days I noticed that I was not paying attention to the pain in my fingers.  Three weeks after I began to use Enercel® AM and PM and Enercel® Mist I realized that I was breathing normally, my lungs were clear.

One day I picked up the morning newspaper; exactly 3 weeks after I began the use of Enercel® AM & PM I realized that there were no arthritic nodes in my fingers.  I dropped the newspaper and my wife looked over at me and looked at my hands and said “It’s a miracle, you don’t have any arthritic nodes in your fingers and you haven’t complained about pain for several days!”, she repeated “That is a miracle!”  I responded to her by saying that the miracle was simply the fact that my immune system was working properly again. 

However, my only fear is that one day I may not have my Enercel®, because since I started using it my life has been joyful and productive.  I still drive and I am still able to work and I do, even at ninety two.   Melvin Weinkle

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