Enercel plus Acupuncture equals synergy

The injection of liquid products into Acupuncture points—both drug and natural—labeled Acupuncture Injection Point Therapy (AIPT). 

The treatment is based on the concept that products that enhance energy channels may work synergistically with Acupuncture.  Animal trials have validated the process in several models, including bee venom acupoint injections for adjuvant-induced arthritis. 

Although few clinical trials are yet available, extensive experience in the community—especially in China—has yielded results beyond what may be achievable by Acupuncture or the drug/supplement in question alone.  This practice is a recognized procedure in several states (Florida, Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington).

Here is a clip by Dr Oz explaining Biopuncture

(biopuncture is another name for AIPT)

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Biopuncture: A Healing Cure-All? Pt 1.

The administration of Enercel® into Acupuncture points has been named Enerpuncture™.  This procedure has been of benefit for multiple patients with a variety of illnesses, most commonly musculoskeletal. 

Clinical experience to date has suggested that Acupoint injection with Enercel® may improve outcomes for many disorders compared to Acupuncture alone.  Furthermore, Enerpuncture™ was successfully administered to multiple patients with a variety of neurodegenerative disorders and neuropathies.  See Studies


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