Enercel Plus


  • Instructions

Succuss and activate ENERCEL PLUS until you see the activation foam. Administer intravenously and slowly [one-hour drip, approximately 10-12 drops per minute] according to physician’s instructions.

  • Actions in the body

Mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial energy activation; immune system support; detoxification; adaptogen; cell regeneration

  • Succussion

Succussion is the first and most important treatment step. It must be done to activate the medication. Before taking ENERCEL, the medication must be succussed. Succussion is the activation of ENERCEL by means of the energetic mobilization of its micro-particles. You should see white foam, which confirms the correct activation of ENERCEL. To do this, hold the ENERCEL container firmly by its neck and hit its base vigorously 20 times against the palm of the opposite hand, or on a padded surface such as a telephone directory. Correct SUCCUSSION of ENERCEL with the formation of foam is very important every time it is used in order to achieve maximum therapeutic activity.

  • Toxicity

Based on scientific studies, and vast experience with patients during more than 15 years, it has been shown that ENERCEL is free of toxicity and undesirable side effects. It may be administered with any other medication if instructed to do so by your physician. ENERCEL may be administered during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well. In infants and persons of advanced age, please consult your physician.

  • Storage

The following recommendations should be taken into account so that ENERCEL will maintain its therapeutic effectiveness.

1) Keep ENERCEL in a cool dark place, away from substances with strong odors such as ammonia, bleach, perfumes, garlic, etc. Strong odors may neutralize the therapeutic activity of ENERCEL.

2) Do not expose ENERCEL to sunlight, ultraviolet rays or sources of intense light, nor to X-rays (for example, security machines in airports and public transportation terminals).
3) Do not subject ENERCEL to pronounced temperature changes.
4) Traveling with ENERCEL: When you travel, ask your physician for a note specifying that you are being treated with ENERCEL, and this homeopathic medication should not be exposed to X-rays. Present it at the airport, and do not allow the ENERCEL medication to pass through the X-ray machine. Place ENERCEL in your carry-on baggage.
5) The consumption of tobacco, such as cigarettes, cigars, pipe, etc. may neutralize the therapeutic properties of ENERCEL™. 


Manufactured in Proprietary Labs worldwide under GMP Regulations

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