Enercel Formulation Study


Dariel Laurent, MD

Background and rationale:


Quality of life, disease prevention and slowing of the aging process depend upon healthy cellular, immune system, hormonal and other organ function.

The number of bodily systems which need to be maintained in optimal function in order to ensure the best overall health possible is large.

A number of supplements, dietary changes and other treatments would be necessary for optimal health unless a strategy of diffuse organ improvement could be achieved with one intervention.

To this effect, the intracellular ACE-inducer, Enercel®, was assayed for a number of markers of vigorous overall function.

Purpose of study:

1) validate the activity of Enercel® in 6 assays of cellular function

2) determine the toxicity of the formulation.


1)  NK cell function assay

2)  Lymphocyte proliferation

3)  IGF-1 and HGH levels

4)  Anti-cancer test

5)  Cytochrome p450 assays

6)  Glutathione peroxidase

7)  Trypan blue toxicity assay to PBMC


1)     Enercel® had a 255% increase in NK function over no additive

2)      The PI was increased by Enercel® 94% over baseline

3)      IGF-1 and HGH OD were improved by 390% and 286%, respectively

4)      Anti-cancer activity was increased by 362%

5)      Seven of nine cytochrome p450 isozymes had significantly increased activity with Enercel®     addition

6)      The OD of glutathione peroxidase activity was increased by 74%

7)    There was no toxicity of up to concentrations of undiluted Enercel®



Enercel® improved the activity of assays from several vital organ systems.  Together, these systems comprise much of the bodily function needed for optimal health.

In vivo correlation is needed; Enercel® is a candidate for further study in defective quality of life states and also such diverse conditions as fatigue, hormonal defects, Anti-aging protocols, chronic and acute infections, liver disease and more.

Finally, Enercel® had no demonstrable toxicity, even when used undiluted.



Natural Killer (NK) cells are an important part of the immune system; they provide first-line defense against many micro-organisms and cancers.

NK cell activity is decreased by such factors as aging, environmental pollutants, chronic infections and trauma.

Supporting their activity and numbers is crucial in both prevention and active intervention of many cancers and infections.

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