Atrophied Muscle Restoration

Excerpt From Pilot Study

Carlton Hazelwood

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Can Wasted Muscle be Rehydrated and Functionally Enhanced?
C.F. Hazlewood, L. Kereszti Baylor Coll. Med., Houston, TX, World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd., Sarasota, FL Cell division is associated with changes in at least four parameters

(1) hydration

(2) physical properties of water

(3) cyloplasmic sodium concentration

(4) cellular resting potential

It was postulated that any attempt to rejuvenate defatted muscles would be associated with one or more of these four parameter changes. In a pilot study, patients with atrophied muscles were injected with a Biological Response Modulator (ENERCEL®). The solution was injected into the motor points of the atrophied muscles. Within 24 – 48 hours, the volume of the treated muscles was increased.

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