About World Health Advanced Technologies

World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd. (W.H.A.T.) has been actively engaged in research and development of its complex homœopathic remedy named Enercel® since 1989.

W.H.A.T. has established through numerous studies that Enercel® is 100% non-toxic.

The name Enercel® is derived from its scientific energy profile (Energy and Cellular).

In addition, W.H.A.T. supports philanthropic hospitals, clinics, and orphanages in Asia and Central America and funds educational and training facilities.


Our Mission Statement:


W.H.A.T.’s mission is to share Enercel®’s valuable health benefits, our accumulated knowledge and protocols worldwide and to make it available for all that desire a safe and effective solution to chronic illness and a pathway to a healthy life.    (see disclaimer)

We are getting closer to our goal every day!

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