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World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd. is dedicated to providing ENERCEL®Orthomolecular Preparations to everyone interested in achieving and maintaining the biofunctional health which our bodies require.


ENERCEL® is a leading candidate to become our global first-line-of-defense against diseases for 6 essential reasons:

● It works in a larger proportion of cases than any other system of health that we know of.
● It is relatively inexpensive
● It helps the body heal itself rather than just relieving symptoms.
● It does not produce the harmful side affects that are so common and unpredictable as with chemical medicines.
● It works in combination with conventional medicine.
● It is a leader in the new efforts for the field of Preventative Medicine

ENERCEL® has been proven to be without toxicity or side effects in multiple in vitro, animal and human studies. It can be used with any conventional medicines; in fact, it may limit the adverse effects of many drugs. It can be safely used in pregnant women, children and the elderly.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


I thank God that I was introduced to you and your miracle homeopathic elixir–ENERCEL back in 2002, when I was nearly (non) ambulatory and only weeks away from a wheelchair and a lifetime of pain and suffering…my long list of illnesses…the never ending list of drugs-my life was a living nightmare…I went from (non) ambulatory to fully functional and at the age of 70 I have a better quality of life than I had enjoyed for many years previously. -John J. Buday  Read Full Story

Enercel was used on a geriatric Lhasa Apso that had been previously diagnosed with a biopsy as having carcinoma of the stomach. He was treated with IV Enercel until his symptoms subsided and then was sent home where the owner was able to continue the treatment with Intramuscular injections. His symptoms never re-occurred and we have considered this a cancer cure. This is just one of the many times I have used Enercel for the treatment of cancer and I thought you might be interested to know that it has many uses in veterinary practice ranging from treating diarrhea to clearing up lick granulomas…J.Hale, DVM

A Bio-Chemist/Geneticist re-checked my blood after about a year or of so using ENERCEL and my Hep. C viral load was under 500,000 from the previous time at 13,000,000. She also stated my cirrhosis was gone and the cancer was cleared. Read Full StoryR Ross

Dr. Dube also helped me with acupuncture, electric stimulation and injection therapy [with Enercel] for a sprain ankle due to a sport event. Those therapies helped me to recover much faster and go back to my activities. Thank you to acupuncture [with Enercel] and integrative medicine, I now believe firmly that there is an alternative way to get your health back under control. Read Full StoryJ.T. Lakewood Ranch

One day I picked up the morning newspaper; exactly 3 weeks after I began the use of these Enercel® AM & PM and I realized that there were no arthritic nodes in my fingers.  I dropped the newspaper and my wife looked over at me and looked at my hands and said “It’s a miracle…  Melvin Weinkle Read Full Story

I use Enercel® very successfully in my practice. For example I had a patient with non-healing open wound on his lip for 3 years with precancerous cells and as we speak today, the wound is completely closed and indistinguishable from normal skin… I am very pleased with the results I get using Enercel® in my practice.  -Dr. Mario Dube  Read Full Story


I want to thank you for letting me live again, not just survive or wait to die.  Your techniques (Enercel® Treatment) have turned me, a head, neck, and lung cancer patient who was given a 16% five year survival rate and an average survival rate of 9-12 months, a person struggling every day just to get to the next day into a vibrant, healed, whole person with energy I have not known since long before cancer raised its ugly head. – NK  Read Full Story

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