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ENERCEL® is a leading candidate to become our global first-line-of-defense against diseases for 6 essential reasons:
● It works in a larger proportion of cases than any other system of health that we know of.
● It is relatively inexpensive
● It helps the body heal itself rather than just relieving symptoms.
● It does not produce the harmful side affects that are so common and unpredictable as with chemical medicines.
● It works in combination with conventional medicine.
● It is a leader in the new efforts for the field of Preventative Medicine
ENERCEL® has been proven to be without toxicity or side effects in multiple in vitro, animal and human studies. It can be used with any conventional medicines; in fact, it may limit the adverse effects of many drugs. It can be safely used in pregnant women, children and the elderly.*


Scientific Studies

Enercel®  has been used successfully in the treatment of many infections including drug-sensitive and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis; hepatitis B and C; and diarrhea in children.(Read more)



A brief look at the preliminary data obtained from the clinical study involving the use of Enercel® in the treatment of patients with co-infections of HIV and TB. (Read more)


VANICEL Topical Mist

Age Defying Beauty products, natural beauty.

For that youthful Look.  Many people have gone into agreement with the idea that there is a natural aging process built into our DNA.  Perhaps it is not necessarily natural at all! Actually, our cells were designed not to age. (Read more)


How to activate Enercel

Succussion (Activation) is the first and most important treatment step!  It must be done to activate this medication! (See Video)




Our full line of Natural products.
(Read more)

Enercel Products






Enercel® Together with Acupuncture


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.